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While you're here, Please visit my web site: http://www.cooganphoto.com
Phoenix, Arizona AZ photographer Dan Coogan specializes in corporate, editorial, magazine, environmental portraitrature, fashion, advertising, and industrial location photography for business applications.


Photography Resources

Tempe Camera Repair - Buy, Rent and Repair Photography Equipment. "Arizona's source for Everything Photographic"

Image Craft - The Pro lab I use to process film. "Any Image, Any Size, Anywhere"

Dyna-lite Strobes - Photography Flash Equipment - The strobes I use.

Hasselblad - The medium format cameras I use.

Nikon Cameras - The 35mm cameras I use.

FotoQuote Software - "Pricing & Selling Stock Photography"

US Government Copyright site - Learn about Copyright.

Editorial Photographers (EP)
- A group of 4,000+ Photographers... changing the way the we do business, One Photographer at a time. Viva La EP!

Photo District News - PDN Online - "The International Publication for the Professional Photographer"

Photo News Network - A great resource of information for photographers or anyone who is looking for real information.

The Digital Journalist - "A Multimedia Magazine For Photojournalists in the Digital Age"

Robgalbraith.com - Digital photography news, reviews, tutorials and discussion forums for professional photographers

Prodigitalimage - Pro Digital Image: Photoshop Training, Consulting, and Monitor Calibration Services


Photographers web sites

Black Inc. Creative Representatives - Phoenix, AZ - Black Inc. has represented Dan Coogan since 1994.
"Providing photography, illustration, film, web and creative services to advertising agencies, design firms, and corporate art departments."

Seth Resnick - Miami, FL - Editorial, Stock, Location, People.

Barney Taxel - Cleveland, OH - Food, Product, Advertising.

Roger Mastroianni - Cleveland, OH - Editorial, Location, People.

Dennis Roliff - Akron, OH - Beauty/Fashion Photography.

Eric Millette - San Francisco, CA - Editorial, Location, People.

Cameron Davidson - Virginia - Aerial Photography.

Mark Tucker - Nashville, TN - Editorial, Location, People, Music Industry.

Richard Petrillo - Phoenix, AZ - Beauty/Fashion Photography.

Art Holeman - Phoenix, AZ - Beautiful Tabletop, Product, Advertising.

Joseph Pobereskin - New York, NY - Editorial, Location, People.

Enrico Ferorelli - New York, NY - Editorial, Location, People.

Richard Morgenstein - San Francisco, CA - Location, People.

Rich Dunoff - Philadelphia, PA - Location, People.

Steve Jones - Memphis, TN - Location, People.

Geoff Reed - Phoenix, AZ - Location, People.

Bryce Vickmark - Boston, MA - Editorial, corporate, commercial, environmental portraiture and documentary photography.

Christopher Barr - A friend and colleague, Chris is a great corporate, celebrity, portrait photographer.


Looking for a photographer in the world?
Photographers Search Engines I am listed on:

ASMP - American Society of Media Photographers - Find a Photographer.
"...a search engine to help you connect with the most respected photographers in the industry, ASMP members.

EP - editorialphoto.com - Photographer Search
"Looking for a local photographer for a location shoot? Search through EP's database listing of 2,100 of the top magazine
and news photographers from around the world for assignment or stock photography."

Creativa - Comprehensive Directory of Arizona Commercial and Media Photographers.

Photographers.com - "Welcome to Global Photographers Search!

Photographersindex.com - "The Internet directory for Photography.

Photographers / FreelanceDesigners.com - "Freelance Photographers.


Design & Illustration - The world needs great design and beautiful illustration too!:

Chris Gall - Tucson, AZ - Amazing strong, graphic compositions and delicate fine linework engravings.

Lars Leetaru - Beautifully creative illustrations for clients like the NY Times, Wall Street Journal and The Nation.

Gary Baseman - Irreverantly funny and different illustration


Personal Links

AngelaSimon.com - Angela Simon Design ~ Coquette Jewelry collection
        ~ "Exquisite One of a Kind and Limited Edition Creations that Delight and Engage Admiration. For your Inner Flirt . . . "

The Great Peace March for Global Nuclear Disarmament
300 People walked from Los Angeles, CA to Washington DC, March 1,1986 - November 15, 1986.
I will post a gallery some of the Great Peace March photos on this web site.

Arizona Road Racers - AZ Running club
I have run 6 Marathons + numerous 10k races since 1985, between Ohio and Arizona and several other states.

Gravitar - "Dedicated to the 1982 Atari classic video arcade game Gravitar.
                Hints and playing tips with screen captures, etc. included..."

Kindnet.com - Web Hosting. Providing professional, dependableweb hosting, DSL and many other services.

Seinology.com - The best Seinfeld site on the net.

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