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          C O O G A N Reciprocal Links Policy

If you would like to be added to my links page, I ask only for a reciprocal link.
-- this helps in the Google searches (i.e. "A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats") -- this is how Google searches work.

1. Place a link from your site to my site. Links should point to this URL: http://www.cooganphoto.com
2. Email me with the page you have linked to my site from.

Link instructions and suggestions

I will visit your site to review the link and content of your site. If your site is accepted, I will place a link on my links page and send you a confirmation by e-mail. I may refuse to link to your site if I find the content unacceptable or experience functional problems.

Please submit your request only once and only for one page. If you try to spam my site, you will be blacklisted. Automated submissions will be disqualified. Incomplete or inaccurate submissions will be ignored.

You may not link to my site if your site:
- condones or promotes any form of violence, including towards humans and animals
- does not uphold the principles of human or animal rights
- does not uphold the principles of free speech
- supports non-democratic regimes
- condones or promotes non-democratic views
- advocates acts of war
- features pornography (nudity and sexuality in an artistic, social, cultural or political context are okay)

I would like to thank wolfkettler.co.uk for these suggestions regarding the Reciprocal Links Policy.

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