C O O G A N     P H O T O G R A P H Y   W I T H   A   V I S I O N

John Blair, CIO & Consultant in the desert with the saguaro cactus, Carefree, AZ

John Blair
CIO & Consultant
Carefree, AZ ~ 4:30 PM on 3.22.2005

April O'Connor, Photo Editor for Computerworld asked me to shoot an environmental portrait of John Blair, former CIO, consultant and mentor. Since he lives in beautiful Carefree, AZ, we wanted to do an outside shot, presenting him as the sage mentor that he is.

The story titled "So You Want to be on the Board... a former CIO and board member tells how to get a seat at the ultimate table."

John Blair says to "focus on board seats outside of your company and recomends targeting small, private, not-for-profit organizations in your search."

John has been a board member of two public companies, two private companies and two not-for-profit organizations. He was CIO of two Honeywell divisions, COO of an IT professional services company and an advisor to corporate leadership on technology-related management issues. You can reach him at his web site: jblairconsulting.com

Small Chimera softbox off to camera left... normally I would have put the strobe on the right side to fill the shadow a bit more, but I wanted to keep this pretty natural looking. The sun is also coming from the left, acting as a hair and edge light.

Camera: Hasselblad ELX, 50mm lens
Exposure: 500th/sec @ f/8, 81B filter on the lens
Film: Fuji Astia RAP 100
Photo Assistant: Lyle Moultrie

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